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How does adopting a donkey help?

Your adoption of €25 will last 1 year. By adopting one of these nine donkeys, you will be helping us in our work of improving the lives of countless donkeys throughout Ireland.

For this you will receive:

An official certificate
A pencil drawing
A bio sheet
A twice yearly report

Can I buy an adoption as a gift?

Yes of course. You can choose to have your adoption pack sent directly to the gift recipient if you wish. Alternatively it will be sent directly to you (if for a special occasion the date can be chosen and a personal message can be added in).

How do I renew an adoption?

You will receive a reminder one month prior to the renewal date. You can then either return your renewal notice to us by post, or follow the 'renewals' link on this website.

Can I adopt more than one donkey at a time?

Yes, we would love you to. Many of our adoption donkeys are good friends with each other and so you are welcome to adopt as many as you like. Here's how to do it:

1. Choose the first donkey you wish to adopt and then click on Add to Cart.
2. You will see your chosen donkey in your shopping cart. Click "Add Another Donkey" to choose another.

If you are adopting a gift for more than one person then you will have to do separate transactions for each adoption gift.

Payment opitons

We only accept credit/debit card payment via PayPal for Adopt a Donkey online. If you are adopting from outside the R.O.I., place your order and your credit card company will convert the transaction to your own currency.

Can I add a donation to my adoption?

We would be extremely grateful if you did, every little extra helps us do more. You will be able to add your donation during the checkout process.

To add an additional donation, simply click on the add donation button in the shopping cart confirmation page and enter your additional donation amount in whole euros.

I live abroad - can I still adopt?

We have supporters all over the world. If the recipient lives abroad the only difference you will notice is that an extra charge will be included to cover the postage.

Can I visit my adopted donkey?

Our adoption donkeys remain at the Sanctuary in Liscarroll, Mallow, Co. Cork. all year round and would be delighted to meet you as they love lots of attention.