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Date of birth: 1 January 2015

Echo came into our care after we received a call about a donkey with extremely long hooves. We were horrified to discover a severely neglected donkey whose hooves were at least three times the length of normal hooves.

After contacting the local Council Welfare Officer who attended and actioned seizure of the donkey, Echo came into our care. Since his first hoof trim, Echo's hooves are closely monitored and he has received several remedial trims to ensure that they continue to grow correctly. Today, Echo continues to be free from any pain, lameness and permanent hoof damage.

Our grooms worked hard to gain Echo's trust and since he has come into our care, he has blossomed and he really is a wonderful donkey.

Thank you for choosing Echo as your Adoption Donkey. We hope you enjoy being his new friend.

Adopt Echo for 1 year: 25.00