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Orlaith Jane

Orlaith Jane

Orlaith Jane

Date of birth: 22 August 2014

Orlaith Jane is a beautiful, lively donkey.

Her mother, Angela was one of a group of nine donkeys who came into our care in January 2014. Angela was in foal and she also had a five month old foal by her side. In August that year, Angela gave birth to a beautiful foal and we named her Orlaith Jane.

Orlaith Jane just loves attention and is always the first donkey up to the fence awaiting a gentle touch and kind words. She has lots of donkey friends but her best friend is fellow adoption donkey Beauty. Both donkeys were born only weeks apart on our farm and they have grown up together.

Orlaith Jane is most likely to be found having fun with her donkey friends in the paddock or rolling in dusty patches of ground!

Adopt Orlaith Jane for 1 year: 25.00