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Date of birth: 3 August 1994

Lorcan may be small in stature but he is big in heart and if you choose him as your adoption donkey he will be a very special friend to you. He is our oldest and most popular adoption donkey with friends all over the world!

Lorcan was only one year old when he came into our care. We received a call to say there was a donkey in poor condition in Galway. Lorcan was very thin and his ears flopped over the front of his head. We discovered that the young donkey had been chased into a barbed wire fence and his ears were damaged beyond repair.

When Lorcan came to our sanctuary he was wary of people and it took a while for him to trust our staff but gradually, he settled in and has been here ever since.

Today, this gentle soul lives with the Oldies Group behind our Visitor Information Centre on the Open Farm. Why not adopt Lorcan today and help us to look after all the donkeys in our care?

Adopt Lorcan for 1 year: 25.00