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Date of birth: 23 April 2010

If you are looking for an adoption donkey with lots of character, Jacksie is the one for you! He is a small donkey, but he makes up for it in character. Jacksie is very playful and likes to have fun chasing the staff around the paddocks at every opportunity.

Sadly, Jacksie had a difficult start in life. His mother's milk dried up when he was just two days old and it was decided the best place for the young foal was here at The Donkey Sanctuary.

He was brought to New Arrivals where he received around the clock care. In the beginning, Jacksie had to be bottle-fed every two hours but slowly he began to thrive and drink from a bucket.

Fast forward to today and curious Jacksie is most likely to be found making new friends at the fence of the adoption donkey paddock. Why not make a new friend and adopt Jacksie today?

Adopt Jacksie for 1 year: 25.00